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Davydtseva Irina Please, help with a bathroom interior. I have an initial idea, I want to have something white with red, but the white has to be the dominant one and all sanitary engineering has to be white too. But I can hardly think out how to put all it into effect correctly. I wrote that I like red and white bathroom, but I forgot to add that I also like Japanese theme in the interior (within due limits of course). How to combine it? I want to place a clothes-press to left from the sink, in the corner, (to my mind, not very large, if the bathroom size allows it) and I can’t determine where to put a washing machine: near to a bath, as on the drawing or to the right from the sink. Please, advise. Thank you in advance. I’m looking forward for your answer very much.
Unfortunately, your question gets into a category of the charged one. We can suggest you to review the project which we made several years ago. Just the red and white gamut and a light “eastern note». We hope this idea will help you.

Svetlana Hello! I need your advice very much. A living room - the walls color is light café au lait, pastel, the stretch ceiling is café au lait, glossy, there is a niche for a hidden lightning ( the niche is white). There is a niche made from sheetrock along one wall with niches-windows. In the middle of the niche there is a sofa zone glued by dark wallpapers of milk chocolate color. The sofa is soft of ivory color with dark beige ornament (armrests are wooden, lacquered, black). But furniture (a wall unit for a TV set, a sliding wardrobe, a working table with shelves of venge colorо). We can’t choose the color for laminated plastic. Initially we wanted to take the dark one, but I’m afraid that with the furniture it will look too heavy and will mirror on the glazed ceiling. May be it’s better to choose the laminated plastic in light tints? The curtains are planned to be of milk chocolate color or of beige color with turquoise accent ( turquoise as an accent in the interior) Designer
Everything is thought over rather good. The dark floor will look nice as well as the light one. Choose anyone you like most of all. The reflection of the floor won’t be full; it will look like blotchiness, as you don’t have a mirror ceiling. Play with lightning; you have to achieve the effect when there won’t be any floor reflection at all on the ceiling.

Schutskaya Tatjana Please, help to choose the color for wallpapers, laminated plastic and case goods for a long, narrow room, if the color of the door is pine.
The room is 2.20m х 5.87m. Two windows with size 0.9 х 1.60 m on the side ends. The door is on the long side, but not in the middle. The door is with glass – the color is a pine of two tints: yellow and a little bit darker, covered by lacquer. The ceiling is 2.7 m. I prefer “minimalism” in style. I prefer light colors in walls and ceiling. I like the following tints: grey-blue, light beige, light grey-green, light yellow, but, in principle, I’m not against the other ones, if everything will be in harmony. I would like to highlight by wallpapers that part of the wall, where the LCD TV set will be installed. The room interior I can hardly imagine. I have an idea to partition the room into zones, but how can I do it? Furniture will be purchased after a repair: a sofa-bed, a coffee table, a sliding wardrobe, may a chest of drawers. I can send you the room photo, but in the stage of repair. I’ll be appreciated for your assistance very much!!!
With respect, Tatjana!

It’s not a room, but a kind of hall way!!! Who makes such projects?!
In order to improve the situation somehow, partition the room by a stand for TV set, and place it after the door way. The stand should have the sliding doors; there is no place for swing doors. There will be a rest zone. Behind the stand place a sliding wardrobe, a chest of drawers and an ottoman. Don’t even t think about wallpapers insert, you only highlight how the room is tiny and visually bring the wall nearer. We advise to find a beautiful, narrow stand lamp and make a central element from it. And also lay an emphasis on expensive curtains. (Let’s say the color «valentino», if you match this tint, the rest tints match to it). Then you’ll change the room mood, and it will look like a luxurious boudoir. You have to buy a flip-flopper, otherwise, when you’ll unfold the sofa, there won’t be any place for a coffee table.

Stepkina Lilia I have bought one room apartment, but I’m a bad designer and don’t know how to arrange everything. The room is 5,8 m x 3,15 m. The window and the niche is 2 m x 1,1 m for a bed. It is the east side. What color gamut to choose (the ceiling, the floor)? There is a wardrobe 2,1 m x 0,6 m and a bed 2 m x 1,2 m. Thank you in advance.

The kitchen is 2,75 m x 4,7 m. The window is with entrance to a recessed balcony in the center of the east side. There is a door opposite to it, laterally, and a wall 1.9 m. Please, advise, a color gamut, finishing materials and how to arrange everything. Thank you.

Part 2
You didn’t write, where the standpipe with hot and cold water is. Logically it has to be in the place where we locate it. If we are mistaken, just interchange the sink and the fridge.
You decided to make the room in green, let’s continue this theme. Choose one of the green tints and order a kitchen, but by all means with decoration of another color. In order not to make your flat too green. Choose tiles for the backsplash and the floor (you can put laminated plastic on the floor) which matched the furniture decoration. Order a worktop, a table and chairs in a tint which matches glazed tiles color. There is a ceiling lamp above the table. Don’t forget to make the accent lightning under working zone cases.

Viktor Skosyrsky What is “design”? Designer
Definition of the word “design” in Wikipedia (Free encyclopedia)
Design (а design-engineer, from Latin “designare”- to admeasure) – creative work, the aim of which is to determine formal properties of industrial articles. These properties also include external traits of an article, but mainly those structural and functional interrelations, which transform an article into a single whole, as from the point of view of a consumer, as from the point of view of a manufacturer. Design strives for covering all aspects of human surroundings, which stipulated by production industry.We chose this particular definition, because, we consider that it reflects a general meaning of a design nature to its full extent.

Design – it is a convenience, it is a beauty, it is a functionality, it is a variety. Everything that you use today and will use in the future is directly connected with a design. Design – is a great work, a forward motion, a progress. Any article before its appearance is born as an idea of a designer. Invented on the paper in order to be transformed into reality has to travel a long difficult way from idea to its implementation. Design it’s a creative work, an art, and a good design – is а high art. Nit in vain some design articles are transformed into expensive rarities in the course of time. That’s why a design according to its destination has to be very responsible, affecting the surrounding, the human being. It must, it is obliged to bring harmony in our life.

Galina Hello! I would like to ask you for advice. The hall is 18 sq.meters. My daughter and son live here. There are two PC tables, a sofa, a TV stand. We decided to choose brown and white color for furniture. Please, advise what color to choose for wallpapers in order to match curtains with soft furniture? Designer
In your variant not white and brown color, but cream and brown will suit better («brown» matches better with «cream”). Then, the walls tint can be varied from «cream» to «café au lait». These tins suit many brown tints. And we advise to make an accent from small strips. Otherwise the interior will be too feminine, and you have a boy and a girl in this room. It’s necessary to make the room cozy for both.

Ekaterina Ivanova Please, help to separate zones in a walk-through room. We need to place a crib and arrange a bedroom.
You need to prolong a partition of kitchen to the wall with two windows. A partition of a bedroom install athwart, leave not more than 2 meters, just the width of a bed, otherwise nothing will have left from the hall. The hall will be without windows. It’s a disadvantage of course, that is why in order to let in at least some amount of natural light, and the doors have to be glazed. During night time it’s preferably to install a motion-sensing device, thus while leaving a room an accent lightning will be switched on automatically. In the bedroom there is a bed, a crib and you also have a place along the window for a chest of drawers.

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